Mallorca is a land you should visit at least once in your life. It seems that everything here is prodigious so that tourists do not have to worry about anything. They are provided with high-class service and modernity to distract from the hustle and bustle. Locals come up with various contemporary activities every time. That is why explorers do not get bored and do not just lie under the sun and swim.

All these activities are so fascinating that you cannot miss them! That is why you should contact Thrifty Mallorca, because due to car rental you will be able to experiment with all the most exciting outdoor pastimes in a short time.

Lead to Cala Vella

The first and most marvelous activity option for a layoff in Mallorca is to move to Cala Vella beach and spend time there. Although it sounds trite, but Cala Vella beach is one of the most ravishing beaches in all of Mallorca. It is notorious for having the cleanest water in all of Mallorca.

Due to its convenient location in the bay, this place provides yachting opportunities. Tourists often choose this option, going to the open sea and often having a party right on the yacht. iIt costs a lot of money, but this does not limit fashionable tourists. If you would like to use a more affordable variant, you can rent a barbecue place for a small fee. You will receive a special pavilion where you and your family or friends can devote fascinating time. Also, when traveling with a small budget, you can utilize cheap car rental, which will provide you with free transportation around this land. Do not skip the opportunity and book the desired car online!

Visit Palma Cathedral

The real gold standard of Spanish architecture is Palma Cathedral. It is one of the most glorious leisure spots in all of Mallorca. This option is indispensable for those who are tired of walking from beach to beach and want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient Spain. This palace is located right on the main embankment and is a valuable talisman for many cultural monuments not only of Mallorca and Spain, but also of Europe. Just a few meters from this berth, you will find car rental options that will come in handy if you want to dwell in Mallorca for a long period of time.

Go hiking!

Arriving in Mallorca and not visiting the magical mountains of Serra de Tramuntana is unforgivable! These mountains are one of the steepest in Spain and are even included in the UNESCO heritage. You can approach here on a special funicular that runs to the top almost every hour, or you can utilize cars for rental. By car it will be many times more difficult to get there. Due to steep uphill climbs, not all drivers can withstand it and often take breaks. However, going uphill by car is no less exciting: you will be able to admire quiet rivers, thick groves of exotic plants and much more. 

Go sailing!

The next considerable excuse for vacationing in Mallorca is to go sailing. The coolest place to perform this activity is Cabrera Island. This island is alluring because here you can find a large selection of yachts.

The price for their rental varies depending on the configuration, size and newness.  However, the yacht still remains a rather expensive pleasure that not all tourists can afford.  In addition to paying for the rental itself, tourists must also have special insurance with them and, if necessary, they will be given a special permit by the company.


As you can see, there are various activities to spend time in such a picturesque region as Mallorca. This includes sunbathing on the beach, cycling, hiking, and others. They are attractivein their own way and fascinating at first sight. Choose the most suitable options for your trip to Mallorca and ensure to use a car rental!